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Please note, National Black Car rates include all regular tolls, fuel charges and a 15% gratuity. There are NO hidden charges or extra fees when you travel with National Black Car. National Black Car is “Affordable Elegance Coast to Coast”.


Reservations: To assist in providing you quality service, we request you book your reservations at least 24 hours in advance. To book a reservations please log into www.NationalBlackCar.com. The HELP button will provide you with step by step booking instructions. We restrict web reservations at 5pm for the next day’s travel. If you need to book a reservation after 5pm for the next day or for same day bookings, please contact our office at (866) 615-1115 or (847) 637-0123.

No call, no show is billed 100% of the reservation rate. Vehicle will be released and reservation converted to a No call, no show for the following reasons:

  1. Airport Pickups – if there is no contact from customer 45 min after the plane has landed.
  2. Non-Airport Pickups – if there is no contact from the customer 30 minutes after the scheduled pickup time – wait time may apply.

National Black Car reserves the right to re-instate any no call, no show reservation.

Cancellation requirements

Cancelled reservations for sedan and/or limousine airport transfers with notification of zero to 4 hours from scheduled pickup will be billed at 100%. Cancelled reservations with notification of more than 4 hours from the scheduled pickup will not be billed.

Cancelled reservations for sedan or limousine CHARTER reservations or Garage to Garage billing, with notification of zero to 48 hours from the schedule pickup will be billed at 100%.

Cancelled reservations associated with a group movement may be charged regardless of advance notification.

Cancelled reservations for specialty vehicles including SUV’s, vans and buses with notification of zero to 48 hours from the schedule pickup will be billed at 100%. Cancelled reservations associated with a group movement may be charged regardless of advance notification.

Reservations will be recognized as cancelled only upon the issuance of a trip cancelation notice. Please call in all cancellations to (866) 615-1115 or (847)637-0123. Email requests may not be accepted.

Changing the pickup time or location for any order with less than 4 hour notice thus causing it impossible for the chauffeur to make the pickup may be billed at 100% and National Black Car assumes no responsibility or liability. In all cases National Black Car will attempt to satisfy any and all change requests. Requests for pickup time or location change MUST be phoned in to (866) 615-1115 or (847) 637-0123.

Wait time at NON airport pickups will be charged as follows: 0-15 minutes will be billed at zero. Wait time exceeding 15 minutes will be billed at an estimated $20 per every 15 minutes increment for Sedans. The limo’s and SUV’s upcharge will be added to the late rate charge. (Rates may vary by city)

Wait time at airport pickups will NOT be charged at all PUBLIC airports when the scheduled pickup time is tied to a single flight arrival time. Note, if the traveler is delayed more than 2 hours and does NOT contact the chauffeur with the flight delay, a timely pickup cannot be guaranteed. If the customer has a change in flight, that information must be called in to our office at (866) 615-1115 or (847) 637-0123 so we can update your reservation, failure to do so my result in a No Show charge on the original reservation as well as a second charge for a replacement reservation.

If the reservation is combining travelers from 2 or more different flights, the reservation will be viewed as a NON airport pickup. The customer is required to set the scheduled pickup time and the terms and conditions of NON airport pickups will apply.

Wait time may be charged at private airports at the discretion of National Black Car.

Shared Rides: Listed rates are based on a per person charge. Shared ride service is available ONLY to corporate accounts with a minimum annual spend of $100,000 in shared ride service unless expressly authorized by National Black Car and may be limited to specific markets.

  1. Shared ride service is restricted to only airport transfers between approved corporate offices or approved hotels.
  2. Shared Rides must be booked ON LINE by 5pm the day before travel.
  3. Shared Ride will be available between 7am and 7pm Monday thru Friday.
  4. Special accommodations to the shared ride program are at the sole discretion of National Black Car.
  5. Additional stops are not allowed as they may negatively impact another traveler’s reservation

Shared Ride airport arrival service: qualified shared ride reservations with scheduled flight arrival times within 30 minutes of each other will be grouped. On the day of travel, we will adjust the groupings to the best of our ability based on current flight arrival information as reported in FlightView.com or similar source. Delay’s in loading shared ride customers resulting from a lack of open gates, lost bags, or other airport/airline/weather related issues are not the responsibility of National Black Car.

If an airport arrival shared ride is not in CONTACT with their assigned chauffeur of National Black Car within 30 minutes of their flight arrival time as reported by FlightView.com or similar source, it is at the discretion of National Black Car to release the assigned chauffeur/vehicle so as not to negatively impact another traveler’s reservation.

If a shared ride is not in contact with the chauffeur or National Black Car within 45 minutes of their flight arrival time as reported by FlightView.com or similar source, National Black Car reserves the right to convert the reservation to a private car and the close the reservation as a No Show in accordance with company policy.

If a shared ride has a flight delayed beyond 7pm but before 11pm, National Black Car reserves the right to charge the customer the private car rate. If a shared ride reservation is delayed past 11pm, National Black Car reserves the right to charge both private car and late rate.

Shared Ride airport departure service: National Black Car reserves the right to restrict shared ride airport departures to the top of each hour, from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday.

If an airport departure shared ride is not on board within 15 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, it is at the discretion of National Black Car to release the assigned chauffeur/vehicle so as not to negatively impact another traveler’s reservation. If a shared ride is not on board within 15 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, the reservation will be converted to a private car and wait time will be assessed in accordance with the company’s policy based on the original scheduled pickup time. Additional stops are not allowed as they may negatively impact another traveler’s reservation.

Luggage limitations: two pieces of luggage and one carry-on item per person for private car service and one piece of luggage and one carry-on item for shared ride service.

In-Line Extra Stop will have an additional $25.00 – $40.00 (depending on the market) charge applied to the reservation. Wait time in excess of 15 minutes will be charged at the standard wait time rate.

Non-In Line Stop will result in the original point to point or airport transfer reservation to be converted to two (2) point to point reservations or a charter/as directed reservation.

Late Rate: Transportation provided between 11:01pm and 5:29am will be subjected to a late rate adjustment of $25-$50 depending on the market and the time of night. If your pickup time is moved into the late rate time frame due to a flight delay you will still be responsible for the additional charge.

Holiday Rates: There will be an additional charge for travel on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and Easter. We do not offer Shared Rides on holidays. Shared rides will not be offered on these days to qualifying Corporate Accounts.

Airport Greets:

Greeterless Greet is our complementary “worry free” customer pick up procedure: Please follow the following steps when you land at your destination airport:

1. Turn on your Cell Phone.

2. Locate your bags/luggage.

3. Call you Chauffeur with the information found in the text/email message sent to your phone.

4. Enjoy your trip with National Black Car.

This is an example of how the text or email will look on your phone:

TRIP: 04/05 01:39 PM On loc
PLS CALL: “Driver Name” 555-555-5555
STATUS: https://sildsp.com/2cn5wz/1r
If you cannot reach your chauffeur – please call (866) 615-1115.

Chauffeur/ Greeter Greets are $40-$60 per greet or $40-$75 per hour for group greets, depending on the market, time of the scheduled greet and number of greeters needed. Additional parking charges may apply. The chauffeur/greeter will meet the traveler at a key egress point from the terminal or baggage claim with an identifying sign (customers name, company name or other). This traditional approach to meeting the traveler also affords with luggage assistance. Chauffeur/greeter greets are not available for shared ride reservations. To secure your Chauffeur Greet, please contact your chauffeur directly via the contact information that will be e-mailed and/or texted to you the day before your travel or call 866-615-1115.

Guaranteed Payment: All reservations are subject to a guaranteed payment. A credit card number will be taken and may be charged at the time the reservation is made. Declined credit cards or bounced checks (checks are accepted for corporate accounts only) maybe be subject to a $50-$100 charge per occurrence plus $5-$10 a day late fee depending on the market. Corporate accounts with direct bill may be subjected to a late fee of 2% a month of any outstanding balance over 30 days with the monthly minimum charge being $10.00. National Black Car reserves the right to waive any charges or fee’s associated with the above.

Children: In accordance with applicable local laws, children must be secured in a car seat provided by the traveler

Lost and Found: Please make sure you take all of your personal belongings when you exit the vehicle. National Black Car is not responsible for missing items or items left in the vehicle.

Special Events Charters

In addition to sedan and limousine service, National Black Car offers a wide variety of specialty vehicles, including vans and buses for groups or special events. Due to travel time and congestion surrounding concert and sporting venues; trips to these locations will be billed at a 2 hour minimum each way.

*Rates and Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice

Customer Service Resolution

If your schedule pickup is delayed due to

1. Extraordinary traffic conditions related to acts of God, extreme weather, road constriction or traffic accidents resulting in a vehicle not arriving on location at or before the scheduled pickup time

2. Flight delays or any other instance that is beyond our control resulting in a lack or short fall of vehicles required to service the existing reservations within a given time frame

National Black Car assumes no liability.

If your scheduled pickup is delayed due a National Black Car error and the transportation service is performed you will be afforded the following:

  1. 20-40 minutes late will result in a 25% discount
  2. 41-60 minutes late will result in a 50% discount
  3. Greater than 60 minutes will result in a 75% discount

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We respect the privacy of our customers. We have implemented this privacy policy to explain to you how we use and protect personal information we may gather from you when you use this Web Site from the United State (“Privacy Policy”). By using our Web Site, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information, as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Web Site.


Personal Information:

As a rule, you do not provide personally identifiable information as a condition of browsing this Web Site. However, personal information may be collected from you in certain areas of our Web Site when you book a reservation or open an account or profile. The personal information we may collect include, but is not limited to, your:

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