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Your personal information may be at risk if reserve your limo transportation from an independent operator network. Learn what the other limo companies don’t want you to know about the Limousine industry from Travel and Transportation EXPERT Ted Malecki of National Black Car. From general service failures to pure unadulterated corruption at all levels in the industry, Ted Malecki blows the doors of the limo industry in this ongoing series.

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The secrets of picking the right limousine company

Secrets 1 and 2 – Getting the Biggest Bang for the buck

It once was thought that limo service was affordable to only the most affluent and discriminating clientele and for some time that was just case. In the past decade we have seen the growth of new Limousine Companies and new and improved limo service offerings. Two such new service platforms are shared rides and multi-load rides.

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Secret 3 – Airport limo service

The best way to get to the airport in any major city is by way of Limo. Learn what the other limo companies don’t want you to know about picking the right Limousine company. This is an ongoing series from travel expert Ted Malecki of National Black Car. Ted will let you in on the limo industries secretes for getting the most affordable limo rate in to alternative products and enhanced service options.

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Secret 4: – What to Look For

If you look at the websites for limo companies you see page after page about how beautiful and exotic their cars are and how their owner is smarter than everyone else. I certain degree of bravado is essential for so the website will be found by your Google or Yahoo search, but does the bravado make for good service? Does the fancy car make or break the deal? In my opinion the most important thing is the people and in particular the chauffeur.

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Secret 5: – Does Size Really Matter

A current industry review by Dun & Bradstreet classifies this multibillion dollar a year industry as FRAGMENTED. D&B indicates livery companies with 20 or more vehicles get up to 75% of their revenue from corporate accounts. LCT magazine states livery companies with three or fewer vehicles generate most of their revenue from weddings, proms, nights on the town and tours. There are only a handful of livery companies servicing all 50 states. These companies traditionally charge much higher rates than the Mom and Pop local service providers.

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